Where can i find an online pronunciator that can say words for me in korean?

Q. i am trying to learn some korean phrases and i need to find an online program/web that can say words for me in korean.

A. I know two thing that might work

First thing:

1. Go here: http://freetranslation.paralink.com/
2. Make sure you choose [at the boxes below the text box] English- to- Korean
3. Type in what you want
4. Hit translate
5. at the box below it will say the Korean translation
6. If you click the speaker [on the right side] it will load up another page [it might take a while]
7. A little avatar will say it and you can reply it however much you want

I have found that sometimes the translations are not always right [Since I'm Korean, I typed in 'I am a Wonderful' in english and when I read the Korean translation it said ' I wonder what '... To double check... Copy paste the Korean part... And put it in the top box. Then choose Korean to english and it will shoe you what it really says in the box below. If it doesnt say what you typed, and doesnt sound close at all... Try editing the text. Like if you typed in I'm [Your name] and it doesnt work, try typing 'I am' or 'My name is'

Second thing:

1.Go here: http://www.amazon.com/Korean-Dictionary-Phrasebook-Korean-English-English-Korean/dp/0781810299/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1240780055&sr=8-1
2. The page will let preveiw the book.
3. Buy it, it will ship to you in like 1 week
4. When you get it look through it

I recommend going with the second option. I have the same one, only for english. It has a dictionary 1 in the first part [That is a bunch of words, non-alphabetic]. Then a real dsictionary in the second [You can look up words and it will have the English, the Korean, and the pronunciation. Also... After the dictionary, there is a phrasebook which teaches you how to say sentences. It is really good so I think you should buy this rather than going with the first option

Do you know any Korean schools which accepts exchange students?
Q. I'm fromPhilippines and I am so interested with Korean cultures. As a matter of fact,I am now reading a korean book to know more about Hangul.

And I already know how to write in Korean and some Korean phrase and sentences -- and customs.

Just want to know more about Korea.

A. if you're talking about Korean universities you can check:

Seoul National University
Yonsei University
Keimyung University
Myongji University
Ewha Womans University

and more

i think most of Korea's universities would accept exchange students

what are some cute compliments and other phrases to say to my korean crush?
Q. he is really big on me learning korean and I want to have a lot of cute and fun and nice things to say to him. What are some korean phrases i could use? thanks for your help :)

A. Here are some I say to mine:

� �� �져� - Deon cheongmal meocheejoyo! (You're so cool!) *koreans love that*
����~ - Saranghaeyo (I love you)
[his name] 짱! - [his name] Jjang! - [his name] is the best!
� �� 주�� ����� - Nae yeoppae jujeoseo kamsahabnida - Thanks for being by my side

Also adding a heart sign with your hands is a good option since koreans love cute act.

Whats the best book for learning the Korean language?
Q. I'm a beginner and self taught.
I can understand the hangul alphabet and recite a good few Korean phrases and words.
But at the moment i'm just using the internet and that can be a bit hit and miss.
So if anyone can recommend a good book to learn from (especially if it helped you personally) That would be great.

Thank you :)

A. http://www.infocobuild.com/language/korean/korean.html

This provides a good collection of online resources for learning Korean, including the Korean alphabet, grammar, vocabulary and other Korean language courses/lessons.

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How would you translate: Saint Christopher Protect Me in Korean?

Q. I know there are two ways to translate it, first just the English to Korean translation, and second the actual meaning in Korean. So both would be great if anyone is able to translate for me.

A. Saint Christopher Protect Me = ��� �리��� 보� ��

Have a nice day! :)

How do you say poem in korean?
Q. i tried using the English to Korean translation online, but it didn't make any sense.

how do you say "poem" and "poet" in korean?

A. Hello Eric,

Poem is �(si) and Poet is ��(si-in). In means a person (same word as Chinese Ren and Japanese Jin)

What is the Korean translation of this sentences?
Q. -Liking someone is not a crime
-I'm all alone again
-It's hard to pretend that you're happy although you're not

there. What is the Korean translations of those sentences?

please and thank you! :D

A. -Liking someone is not a crime
�군�를 ���� 건 ��� ���.

-I'm all alone again
� � ��� ���.

-It's hard to pretend that you're happy although you're not
기�� ��� 기� � �� 건 ���

How would I put this into Igoogle to translate to Korean?
Q. Ok, so I'm making a birthday card from a friend who loves Korea, and knows Korean. Id like to say "Hello, Ryan. Happy Birthday. I hope you like this, I tried my best. Love you!" or something like it. Igoogle has an English to Korean translator, but I'm not 100% sure on sentence structure. If you could let me know what the sentence structure is, or hell, even copy and paste the correct Korean translation, I would very much appreciate it. And thank you. ^_^

A. ����, ��! �� ����!
� �� ��� ���길 ��. � ��� ���.

I tried to make the sentences sound more friendly.
Anyway, ���� means Ryan-ah (by putting �, it's a friendly way to call your friend). But you can use ���� (Ryan-ssi) instead if you want to be more polite. Or, just write ��� (Ryan) to make it simple. lol
I hope it helps! ^^

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